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An evil curse. a traditional word used by old African slaves in crappy english books.

used to label bad luck.
"Ah, the cat has an evil jumbi, we must kill it!"
by Oxford Dictionary December 17, 2003
One who posseses god like gaming abilities. Often someone described as a newmalati will participate in multiplayer gaming events and infuriate his/her opponents by completely owning them, to the point were they may have to resort to sending pm's or kicking the newmalati from event for no reason other than that newmalati has owned them.
To be a new-malati is to Own and annihilate all other gamers within corona distance.
Oh my God that guy is owning everyone he is a NewMalati.
by Oxford Dictionary February 06, 2005
To separate or become separate.
"a league of ununited nations"- E.B.White
by Oxford Dictionary February 03, 2005
Nobhead, penis on his head, dickhead.
Grandmaster Al is a nobhead
by Oxford Dictionary July 19, 2004
A large, walking chode. Can often been seen in the vicinity of computers, as the radiation they send out acts as a source of energy which Chody needs to survive. Once thought to be extinct during the early 18th century, however there have been recent sightings at LAN parties.
"Look at that guy, I bet he has a chode"
"You are wrong, my friend. He is a chode"
by Oxford Dictionary February 05, 2004
An ugly loser who, along with welshmen, cheats at golf and is a nancyboy.

Southwestern slang - esp. common around the bristol area.
"you're a right phillip race", said the vicar knowing instantly how much this would offend the tart
by oxford dictionary March 31, 2004
this word originates from France yet has significant meaning in Poland. It describes an amazingly beautiful woman named Magdalenka Kozakowski and is used commonly today to liken other women to this glorious being.
Sarah really is a Joie de Vivre
by Oxford Dictionary February 25, 2005
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