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Sqwak, sk-wok. (Verb) To complain or protest loudly or vehemently... its an intransitive verb

Sqwak (noun), a nonsensical blabbering, especially when used in inappropriate settings or to a vapid audience; annoying woman drivel
Sqwakking, (adv.), ear-drum piercing harpy shrieks
Sqwakker, (noun), Someone (typically female) that rants about things; or someone that goes on a ranting spree with no end in sight
Woman: sqwak, sqwak, sqwak, sqwak, sqwak, sqwak, sqwak, sqwaksqwak, sqwak, sqwak, sqwaksqwak, sqwak, sqwak, sqwak
Man: what??? Apathetic
by oxamboys November 08, 2010

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