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World of warcraft is a good game but is very dangerous to your life. A game that will consume your life to no end. It will also, take away your family, and everything that you used to love in your life. You would rather stay at home sat,urday night raiding BlackWing Lair then go out with, your friends to smoke a bowl and get drunk as hell.

DON'T EVER BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World of Warcraft is a very addicting game. It has the shaman class, the paladin class, the hunter class and the rogue class+much more.
Hey Jimmy, You commin' to ted's party 2nite? He got a hold of some of the best weed around. We're totally gonna get baked as hell.

Naw, I gotta help my guild down C'thun tonight on World of Warcraft, It's our first try tonight.

Fuck you man ever since you got that game It's been consuming your life, I fucking hate you and also, Ashley told me to tell you she dumped you becuase you blew her off and you were supposed to have hawt sex with her.

Oh well, I met this new chick on WoW, she probably isn't hawt but OMG she has a hunter with 5/8 Dragon stalkers and 3/8 Giant stalkers with both twin blades of hakkari with double +15 to agi enchants and Rhok'Delar.

I don't understand a fucking word you say now'a'days, get off your fucking lazy ass and come party with us.
by ownzer man July 03, 2006

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