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it is a ancient word used by the muslim extremist in the twinky dynasty times, it is when a chewbacca has sex with bike patrol1 and breeds an unholy super hary spawn of satanic gothic suicide that is so heshing
P.S- bike patrol 1 got fired
bob dole is a fresh g
by owen hoffmeyer February 25, 2005
a dumb person who failed miserably at skate boarding and life and couldent ollie so they strape dona pair of roller blades so they can feel like idiots and clogg up our skate parks and be so proud that they can jump higher-news flash fruity fuck, there strapped ot your feet it's easy.
owen H did a dope 16 stair, but oh well he's a f*in fruit botter
by owen hoffmeyer February 25, 2005
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