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1. To immediately leave a hostile area when either compromised or under fire. (Used extensively by US Special Ops)

2. To leave an undesireable area very quickly
- "The Black Hawk dusted us in and before we knew it, the place was crawlin' with bad guys. My team leader immediately called them back to un-ass us."

- "The party sucked. We un-assed."
by ovits December 19, 2005
Letter of Mass Destruction. (noun or verb); Correspondence from one to another that typically highlights faults and vulnerabilities in the recipient. Most commonly seen as venting, although primarily used as a vehicle to communicate the un-said while involved in a relationship.
Jane: "So what finally happened between you two?"

Joe: "I just couldn't take the rejection anymore, so I LMD'd her after she walked out, telling her all of the things no one else probably ever had."
by ovits September 14, 2005
merry little christmas, as in "have one", normally used in a more derogatory fashion, reserved for email or text messaging
Jane: Look, its over.

Joe: Fine. Have an mlc :)
by ovits December 21, 2005

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