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1 definition by outspoken royalty

A 9th grader who is scared shitless during the first week of High school because they were the tallest, smartest, most tallented, rulers of their school just 3 months before, and are now skinny little runts who tend to get jumped and shoved into trash cans or lockers.
Usually freshmen are treated like vermin for 183 days of the first year in their high school career unless they have an overprotective boyfriend or brother in an upper class or magically make it onto a varsity sports team, cheer squad, or do color guard.
guy 1: Dude look! I found a little pack of freshmen, lets jump em!
guy 2: Isn't that freshman Jake's girlfriend? I wouldn't mess with her or any of her friends if I were you.
guy 1: No way! Thanks for telling me, I would have been so fucked!
by outspoken royalty July 10, 2008