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Slang for getting punched in the eye.
Damn, he got hit with an eye jammy!
#black eye #punch #black-eye #punched #eye
by outlawmonk March 29, 2011
slang for a woman who's had too many facelifts and her eyes are pulled back like an Egyptian cat. When viewed from the front, it appears there is a corset behind her head that has been made too snug.

This came about while watching Susan Lucci's most recent infomercial on face cream. I said, it looks like she has an Eye Corset! Her eyes were so taut they couldn't even close- like an Egyptian Hieroglyph!
Usage: Check out that "Eye Corset!".
#eyes #facelift #face-lift #plastic surgery #tuck #nip
by outlawmonk March 29, 2011
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