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Getting hugged and kissed by or having a fat fugly chick with a mullet hang on you because you were once nice to her and now she thinks you 2 are friends. Usually happens in public with a lot of people around (friends and attractive women). If she is drunk this can happen more than one time in a day.

Highly embarrassing for yourself. A great laugh for your friends at your expense.
I was hanging out at the local bar last night and I got mullested by Francine.
by otto titslinger June 03, 2004
act in which ass is terrorized by ass rangers

A.K.A Assblast
ass rangers assterrorizing your peeps in assramistan
by otto titslinger June 03, 2004
oooh that's hot.
friend: Got 2 expensive tickets for the price of one.

your reply: ace a deuce
by otto titslinger June 03, 2004
An ass ranger gettin' a schmag in the mouth.
An ass ranger got a schmag shoved in his mouth while someone else yelled "you got served"
by otto titslinger June 07, 2004
a man who who goes both ways (switch hitter) but only catches when with another man.
That guy is a jorge posada.
by otto titslinger June 01, 2004
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