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A female nigger takes 9 months to shit out a negg, witch becomes a niglet after leaving the asshole, after about 13 years when the niglet gets is first grill it becomes a nigger, after the nigger matures to about 16 he begins to reproduce with other niggers and maybe a niglet or two. after the nigger has niglets of his own is when he starts to not pay for rent, food, electricity, etc... and this is why $54543515 of my paycheck goes to the dumb niggers and their little niglets
5 year old son: dad, whats a niglet
Dad: well see that little piece of shit over there
5 year old son: yeah
Dad: thats why you didn't get the bike you wanted for your birthday
by otter2691 January 14, 2008
something a female nigger takes 9 months to shit out
doctor: common' nigger push that little negg out
by otter2691 January 14, 2008

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