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(adj.) A complete and utter eyesore.
Steve: What do you think of these paint samples? I like this color best.
Joe: Aww, man, you can't do that! That paint color is so 90's internet!

Jan: That sweater is so ugly, it's completely 90's internet.

Billy: Yeah, well YO'MAMA is 90's internet.
Schoolchildren: OHHHHHHHH!
Bob: OK, I can't top that, you win.
by otsiam43095 December 21, 2009
pucktard (n.) (puck•TARD) 1. a poser who knows nothing about hockey but to pretends to follow it because they think it will be good for their image. 2. a person with bad taste in hockey teams
1. That kid thinks that the Maggots (not an actual team) are a good hockey team, but he really just follows them because he thinks that all Mags fans are cool. What a pucktard.

2. The Maggts suck! You're such a pucktard!
by otsiam43095 January 10, 2010

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