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1. particularly good sex
1. I didn't get any sleep, we were burning calories all night.
by otay May 19, 2005
verb t. - to obtain information from someone knowledgeable in the desired subject. It is a way to avoid doing the research yourself, saving one's time and effort but requiring that of another. (Also, it's a good idea to humble oneself in the asking or bring 'coffee and donuts'.)

noun - the act of picking another's brain for information to avoid doing one's own research.
I had a short deadline ahead and needed to
brainpick her for the needed info to complete the task.

Hey, Suzi, gotta minute? I need ya for a
by otay May 07, 2005
1. email containing pictures from
family or friends vacation or trip.

2. website containing pictures of ones vacation or trip.
I really enjoyed Sandy's pic-tour and was
quite amused by her photographic skills.
by otay May 26, 2005
past tense of schiavo - 1.to usurp important and topical political/govermental/legal issues by grandstanding a cause celebre for the purpose of emotional distraction.
2. joining the bandwagon of def. 1 in order to remove accusations of unethical, immoral or illegal behavior aimed at oneself.
3. joining the bandwagon of def. 1 for
political gain.
The ongoing news of the Senator's indictment was schiavoed by coverage of
his personal campaign to rescue Little Lotta.
by otay April 23, 2005
1. in a state of high anxiety.
2. having a nervous physical habit.
3. indication of a really good game or
good performance in a game.
1.Oh man, I've gotta give this speech tomorrow, and, man, I AM burning calories.
2. She was really burning calories, swingin' her leg all through dinner.
3. Winning score was 16 to 15, we were
burning calories!!
by otay May 19, 2005
1. any good performance
1. That fiddle player, last night, was really burnin' calories.
by otay May 19, 2005

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