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Term used when one acts or speaks in a way not true to character in order to decice or bamboozle others .
April: hey Jen have you met my new boyfriend Jim?. He's the one helping that old cross the street
Jen: Omg girl you're dating Jim? I just seen him last night at the bar he totally took home a Hooker
April: no way he's so dashing and debonair ... look there he goes rescuing a kitten from a tree
Jen: no girl he's just perpetrating the fraud!

Jon: dude look at that hot chick over there with the nice rack, she looks so smart reading that big novel
Jim: i knew her in high-school she wears those stick on boobs and that book she's reading is upside down LMAO
Jon: damn if she ain't perpetrating the fraud!
by osogood03 November 19, 2010
Tactic men use by making statments to women referencing future events they never intend to occur, in order to attain the booty
jon: i know its 2 months away but i would be honored to have some one as beautiful as you to kiss when the ball drops, you should be my date for new years
jane: oh that sounds like so much fun jon
jon: ( thinks to self) hell yes! a few more of these future fabrications and its a total score for the night! Booty Secured!
by osogood03 November 16, 2010

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