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A name you call someone who is completely incompetent and ridiculous, and idiotic. You are in essence calling someone a mammogram, which is also ridiculous. This is a term that can be used very often, in many situations.

In addition to being an insult, it can also be used as a friendly greeting among buddies or co-workers.

This term will give your friends a good laugh if used with sincerity, as in the examples below.

Tit-scan may also be modified to:
tit-scanner (noun)
tit-scanned (past tense verb)
tit-scanning (being verb)
"Shut up you lil' tit-scan!!!"

"You are such a lil' tit-scan!"

"Hey tit-scan! Let's go to lunch and hold hands."

"Yeah, I dumped him, he was such a tit-scan."

"You tit-scanning butt-face! Get out of here!"

"Your Uncle Roy's new wife is such a tit-scanner. Get her outa the family tree quick."

"Stop tit-scanning and get your head back in the game."

"She totally tit-scanned you my friend."
by oshkoshgetoverit March 12, 2009

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