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Many people think that Japanese people are bad ass because of WWII. Killing lots of people and raping lots of women. Yes, that did happen. But what you didn't know is that the Japanese decided to conquer Asia because they had this slogan "Asia for the Asians." They wanted Asia to rise up and so the Japanese, being an Asian country, tried to challenge them Filipinos. They hired Korean soldiers. And these Korean soldiers were the ones responsible for all the killing and the raping. The Japanese only tend to strengthen the Asian countries by leading them on. By not being so weak because the westerners were looking down at us. So yes, somehow, the Koreans sabotaged the Japanese, since, you know, they look the same. While the Japanese were only trying to help Asian countries grow richer, just like them. If the Koreans didn't sabotage them, Japanese people wouldn't have this reputation today. If only people during WWII listened to them, some Asian countries would've never been like what they are now... poor. And look at the Japanese today, one of the leading and richest countries.
Person 1: The Japanese are actually good people. They are really polite. They are strict when it comes to manners. So you guys saying that Japanese are so cheap, just look at the Americans. No manners at all.

Person 2: Whoa.
by oscarsstolen May 29, 2010

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