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The final number of saw movies as forseen by my biological fathers license plate on his lexus.
call me nostrodomis, but its hard to believe that saw 646 on P_Dubs plates is just a coincidence.
by oscarl January 15, 2009
an overweight or jolly mans genetalia
that man in the showers at the ymca had some nerve jerkin his winky in front of us
by oscarl January 12, 2009
a duesch bag or dumb ass marijuana (marhuana) dealer that tampers with his products and believes you to be none the wiser. Alot of first time customers. Commonly known to posses less than quality product at outragous prices.
that slimmy fuck dulear jimbo sprayed my half ounce with black suede, im going to thug his ass up.
by oscarl January 15, 2009
a non-steril mans penis
i took the condom off to give that fat bitches asshole a hot shot of love potion with my flesh syringe
by oscarl January 12, 2009
An unemployed workers first day back at a different position, with less pay.
Man if i would have known i wouldn't even get my own cubical, i would have slept in on Manic Monday and continued to collect unemployment checks.
by oscarl January 13, 2009
the trail of pubic hair from the mid stomach to the penis and/or vagina in which crabs can gain access to the belly button.

when i went down on jordans mom, i followed her bushy treasure trail and i felt that the chest may as well have been empty.
by oscarl January 13, 2009
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