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13 definitions by oscar macgorden

A magical utopia that American pundits like to point to.
Liberal: In Denmark they have an enormous welfare state, and they always score at the top of happiness surveys! So we should have a larger welfare state.

Conservative: The Danish have more free trade than we do, and they score at the top of happiness surveys! So we should have more free trade.

Liberal: We should create good public transportation, like Denmark has done!

Conservative: We should have a labor market as flexible as the Danish one!
by Oscar MacGorden April 11, 2012
To perform a great show.
Dave's act killed, and he got a standing ovation.
by Oscar MacGorden February 26, 2012
Something American liberals threaten to do when some right-wing nutjob looks like they could become the President.
"If that crazy bastard Rick Santorum becomes President, I'm moving to Canada."
by Oscar MacGorden March 04, 2012
(magic) To inadvertently show how you did a trick.
Dave inadvertently flashed his potatoes before he lifted the cups, so his audience wasn't surprised when he made them appear.
by Oscar MacGorden February 26, 2012
An influential politician in the Cheney administration.
George Bush: "I believe that the human being and fish can coexist peacefully."
by Oscar MacGorden January 17, 2012
A liberal or independent who registers temporarily as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul.
I'm sick of the War on Drugs, and America being the world's policeman, so I'm going to become a blue republican.
by Oscar MacGorden January 28, 2012
The former dictator of Libya, whose name is incredibly hard to spell.
Bob: "Hey Larry, how do you spell Muammar Gaddafi?"

Larry: "I think it's E-V-I-L B-A-S-T-A-R-D."
by Oscar MacGorden January 08, 2012