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2 definitions by osama sallam

A nutter,a lunatic,space-cadet;foolish person,a rumpkin,a wingnut. A confection enjoyed by astronauts while in orbit.A small amount of information used to fill computer memory space.
That oldest brother of Eileen`s is really a spacecookie!
by osama sallam November 15, 2003
A Chem-trail,(chemical trail)a toxic concoction of Viruses,heavy metals,dioxin and radioactive waste,which is sprayed by NWO & U.N. jets for the purpose of committing genocide against the citizens of earth; also one of the methods used to disperse said bio-toxins;airlines:American;Delta;TWA;Japan,etc.
Those danged airlines, and military cargo jets have sure been busy spraying "airlines" over this desert,and my lungs sure feel the effects.
by osama sallam November 15, 2003