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3 definitions by orlandobloomingonion

A general slowdown in Pounding (getting laid) Activity over a sustained period of time
Dan hasn't pounded hole in a few months due to this pounding recession that he is in.
by orlandobloomingonion November 15, 2009
17 1
A journey to find blow with a few friends usually late nite/early morning. This usually involves getting behind the wheel under the influence to drive across town to meet up with your drug dealer. This is often a quiet and sketchy ride to get to your destination.
"Hey John pass me your cell we need to find some blow for these broads. Looks like were going on a Cocaine Mission."
by orlandobloomingonion January 10, 2010
30 16
Someone who used to hang with his friends on the reg but has lost touch with them because he has a girlfriend now. He sits at home with her all day and screens your calls.
Jean is a pounding guy now
by orlandobloomingonion November 07, 2009
11 0