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Best holiday(which is today, april 20th)!
4-20! National Smoke Out Day
by Orlando April 20, 2005
The standard shocker with the use of thumb and or tounge to stimulate the clitoris at the same time.
" I gave that ho the shocker w/cheese,needless to say she came 13 times..."
by Orlando May 25, 2004
To tap into the burgeoning market of people who like children of specific size/shape/age ranges. Transposing age old bonsai techniques with modern surgery and brainwashing procedures.
her bonsai children never grew up
by orlando November 27, 2004
Hardcore Murder Inc Rapper
D-D-Dump until its empty
Swiss Cheese your GT bentley
Nigga dont tempt me
Im already fighting the temptation
And I aint got a lot of patience
by Orlando May 22, 2005
Transplanting hackney’s inbuilt agreession response onto another more passive geographical zone. Symptomised by loud tutting and teeth kissing. When someone is doing something that they are perfectly within their rights to do.
a motorist driving down a one way street the right way is given a liberal dose of hacknitude by the hacknified cyclist oncoming in the middle of the road.
by orlando November 27, 2004
Part of the INC, he'll gutt fitty with his blade!
"50, i had knife, u had a gun, u aint pop nuthin, i poked u, u called 9-1-1" - The Real Wanksta, Black Child
by Orlando April 03, 2005
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