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2 definitions by orgasmicforyogos

A hilarious gay Youtube star. Became famous after his 'Leave brittany alone!' Video, in which he cryed and yelled at brittany haters, who were bashing brittany's VMA comeback performance. Honestly thinks he's female. Usually draws disgust from viewers, but also draws laughter.
Public enemies with Perez Hilton.
Person 1 (Chris fan): Did you see Chris Crocker's new video on youtube?
Person 2: Yeah, what a flamer.
Person 1: I'm gay.
Person 2: Ew, wtf??
Person 1: -Kills person 2-
by orgasmicforyogos May 12, 2008
27 39
The cool way to spell über. Duh.
Its oober cool to spell oober with two o's.
by orgasmicforyogos May 12, 2008
13 29