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radical+shredding, awesome snowboarding,or shrad, shradical
dude that shifty 1 was shradical!
by oregonlegend October 22, 2008
riding anything besides snow with your snowboard.

includes rails, boxes, bonks, trees, another snowboard, ect.
"lets go snowboard"

"yeah im dow, lets jib"

by oregonlegend October 22, 2008
"Mole" can mean several things
1) A mix of marijuana and tobacco that is smoked out of a bong, usually the whole mix is smoked in one rip. The ratio of marijuana to tobacco can be what ever the smoker wants; when it's all tobacco it's called a slappy.

2)If the C in Cole was replaced with an M, then Mole is the word.

3)A small mammal that is designed to dig.

4)The number 6.022 x 10^23. This "Mole" number can refer to any number of a certain type of entities.
1)"Pass that american spirit tobacco so it can mix with this chronic and then get smoked in a single bong rip."


3) Dad Guy: "That mole has been digging all sorts of holes in our yard"

4)Beginner chemist: "There's 6.022 x 10^23 atoms in thats grain of sand"
Senior chemist: " Ah. That means there's 1.000 mole(s) in that grain of sand"
by Oregonlegend December 22, 2014
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