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A nice, sunny town in South Carolina that for some reason, tourists flock to every summer. I live here and it seriously isn't as terrible and ghetto as all the other definitions describe it. Like any town, you're gonna find rough areas with rough people and nice areas with clean people. I assure you that the nice areas take up most of the city. Having lived here for 14 years, I've never heard about gangs or prostitutes in the area. Sure, there's a lot of bars, clubs, sketchy neighborhoods, plus being a TOURIST VACATION SPOT of COURSE there's going to be a thousand people from out of town here to get drunk, have sex, get violent and commit crimes ON THEIR VACATION. DOES THIS MAKE THE LOCALS OF MYRTLE BEACH BAD PEOPLE? NO. If anything, the residents of Myrtle Beach are mostly made up of old, rich people. Myrtle Beach is a very nice city with fun places and attractions for the whole family such as Coastal Grande Mall, Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Waves water park, Nascar speedpark and much more. There are NOT any terrible ghettos here filled with prostitutes, gangs and sex offenders. The only thing you have to fear in Myrtle Beach is the DAMN TOURISTS.
Bill: Hey wanna head down to Broadway at the Beach with me? Or maybe the Mall? Or to a bar? Or a club? Or some other tourist attraction?

Tom: No way, it's the middle of the summer. All the fucking tourists are flooding in and making Myrtle Beach look like shit right now, let's wait until at least September so we can have the tourist attractions to ourselves and not 5 million tourists.
by orangecandles October 23, 2010

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