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Dumbfucks who think they are better than every Jonas Brothers fan.

Jonas Brothers haters constantly say how the music that the Jonas Brothers make is "unreal", just because it is simple to compose, or easy to play.

Jonas Brothers haters constantly bag on Jonas Brothers fans, and they often nag about the grammatical errors or spelling errors fans might make.

True, many Jonas Brothers fans are like this, but that doesn't mean that ALL fans are like that.
Jonas Brothers Haters: These fags suck. They don't play real music. You stupid little girls who only like them because they are "hot". Go listen to some "real" music, like Metallica.

Me: Just because the Jonas Brothers don't have complicated compositions for their music, doesn't mean their music is "fake". Also, just because some fans tend to be over enthusiastic and wrongly accuse you guys of being jealous, doesn't mean ALL of us are like that.
by opinion April 16, 2009

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