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15 definitions by opietaylor

To get a tattoo while traveling. A tattoo out of the state you live in.
I'm going to Colorado in March and i'm going to get a traveltoo.
by OpieTaylor January 16, 2011
3 1
The person who gets action after the sloppy second.
You did?! So did Joey Yanks and Jay 420! You got dirty thirds!
by OpieTaylor July 07, 2011
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The generic version of a expensive product.
I got some birth control that made me lose my mind! It was the budget shit, not the legit shit.
by OpieTaylor February 10, 2011
3 2
When 10 or more farts are released within a 30 minute time period.
Bro, i've been farting all night long, total gas leak.
by OpieTaylor February 06, 2011
3 2
The purchase of beer, condoms, and cigarettes in anticipation of a fun night.
Bro, i'm ready for tonight. I showered, put on a clean pair of pants and got my sexcess kit. Party time.
by OpieTaylor July 23, 2011
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An individual or individuals who think they are good at pranking but in actuality, are not.
These janky pranksters tried tripping me on my way to work. Didn't work, i saw it coming.
by OpieTaylor July 07, 2011
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The word inserted with auto-correct when attempting to write "alright".
by OpieTaylor March 10, 2011
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