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a poser skater is someone who pretands to be a skater. they are usually people that go to skateparks all the time but just sit on the benches with their board trying to look cool. they usually dress and act like the stereotype but when it comes to actually getting on the board they have no clue what they are doing. you can usually tell if someones a poser skater if they say they can do a boardslide and they bottom of their deck isnt even scratched. it actually doesnt matter if you suck or if you just started but when you say you can do things that you have never tried before because they look "easy" then your a poser. it also doesnt really matter if you wear skate brand tees if you actually like the style just dont wear them if you think it makes you look cool.
skater: dude, you are such a f*cken poser skater
poser: omg no im not!!!!!111 ive lyk sk8ed lyk all my life, i kno lyk all the kewl tricks and stuff dude!!!11
skater: oh yeah do you know the difference between a frontside 50-50 and a backside 50-50?
poser: pssh lyk totally
skater: then do a frontside 50-50
poser: lyk okaaay!!!11

(poser goes over to a legde, but since they dont know how to even do an ollie, they jump of the board onto the legde and since they are too "Kewl" to use a helmet, they bash their head into the cement and get knocked unconcious)

skater: thats what you get you f*ucken poser
by ooshigoshi August 04, 2006

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