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1. adjective- possessing head-turning beauty combined with sharp wits, originality, logical randomness, and an aura of "shudangification" usually a female, but can be a male if he's okay with 'tucking it' and comfortable with his sexuality.

2. noun- a) something that ends a scene, conversation, or argument. can be a nugget of irrefutable wisdom, but doesn't need to even make sense, or be related to the subject at hand. b) a strangely appropriate profane utterance in an inappropriate place or in an inappropriate moment.
1. "dude, man...sam is seriously tufly. she tricks my nipples into thinking that it's winter."

"she's so tufly you'll need clean socks, a thesaurus, a dime bag, and a puppy with an ironic name if you want to get her attention...and let's face it, plastic surgery too cuz you're kind of leatherfacey."

2. a) while the hipsters' debate about the spiritual implications of owning blended fabrics manufactured in poor african nations and wearing them to a ladysmith black mambazo concert became heated, david pulled a tufly to alleviate the tension...slapping his knees and shouting, "somebody wanna mandela me a coke?!" crisis averted.

b) kathryn dropped a major tufly while visiting her friend's newborn in the maternity ward when she yelled, "OMG I would soooo fuck the shit outta that baby!!...I mean, if I were like...into that. or if I WAS another baby." to one of the nurses.
by oooh look what I done did December 03, 2010

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