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A form of politics, where which some or most of the politicians are having a debate and talking shit, hence giving the impression that they have licked a baby's potty clean prior to the debate.
Friend 1: My uncle's an MP - did you see him debating in Parliament earlier, it was on TV?

Friend 2: No, I had no idea your uncle meddled in potty-licks.
by ooky17 October 13, 2011
As inspired by Royal Wedding by The Unexpected Items, Chundercats are go is the expression given for when one chunders or voms over a cat.
'Yah, he gave me the ticket and a cat but I was so lashed: I vommed all over the cat ... yah, I was like 'Chundercats are go!'
by ooky17 October 31, 2011

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