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A show that airs on B.E.T. at 3 am at random nights. Some of the music videos that air on this show are very obscure and also are on the threshold of Basic Cable S&P.
Watch B.E.T. Uncut if you wish to view some REAL fucking music videos.
by ookooknigga November 22, 2003
A rapper that has sporadically appeared on BET's "Uncut". DJ Waxamillion is a very underground artist, so therefore it's quite difficult to find material of his. The only known song by this no-name rapper seems to be "I Ain't Got No Panties On".

Check it out some time. Good shit.

DJ Waxamillion was the best rapper on BET's Uncut.
by ookooknigga February 28, 2006
Colloqicalism used mostly in The Carolinas and Southern Virginia. Basically means "quite alot" in General American English.
People who use the phrase 'right much' aren't necessarily rednecks, but they are probably from The Dirty South.
by ookooknigga February 25, 2006
teh finest trance artist on Earth
oh-oh ohhhh-ohhhhh AT THE END.....
by ookooknigga November 11, 2003

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