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3 definitions by oogalie boogalie

Any of the the genus homosexualhomosapien in which a male performs felacio on another male. Also see weiner whiffer,peter puffer,bone smuggler,butt pirate,cock gobbler,turd burgaler and ass clown.
Sean Penn and all the French are pole smokers.
by Oogalie Boogalie April 15, 2003
293 163
to lick a bunghole
last night your mom tossed my salad
by oogalie boogalie April 24, 2003
713 628
Male Masturbation also see: flog the bishop,spank the monkey,choke the chicken,wax the carrot,grease the dolphin,groom the shnauser,slap the sausage,whip the weasel,bang the fungus,smack the soldier,tame the cobra,lube the lever and of course release the hound.
After school billy loved to stroke the bloke.
by oogalie boogalie April 24, 2003
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