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when someone gets so mad that they have a special form of tunnel vision, that all they see is the person and/or people that made them anger
Person A: I can't believe that guy I called gay didn't see his car getting towed.

Person B: Yeah he had complete anger vision.
by onslaught94 January 23, 2010
someone who wears the type of shoe known as crocs and says something stupid or not needed and annoys and/or pisses off every one in the area. They also wear socks with the crocs.
I was standing in line and a croca-douche walked up and started tell me something about a small town in mexico
by onslaught94 June 29, 2009
an ancient cougar who tries to pick up really young guys
That was hilarious when that sabretooth tiger was hitting on Tim
by onslaught94 February 08, 2010
when you get sand on you at the beach after you put on sun tan lotion
Damn I hate that little kid who kicked sand on me after I put sun tan lotion and now I'm kentucky-fried
by onslaught94 August 14, 2009

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