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6 definitions by onlyinyourdreamslol

The best person you will ever meet. Dana is smart, athletic, and the hottest person in the school. Dana is an amazing kisser, and is great at everything!
"Oh dude! Your so lucky your going out with Dana!"
by onlyinyourdreamslol February 26, 2009
1091 548
Naked Touching Corner

A place where people sneak off to at a party to hook up.

"Did you see Kelly and Austin sneak away to the NTC??"
by onlyinyourdreamslol February 26, 2009
11 18
This word has no specific definition. It it simply put in the place of other words to spice up a conversation.
Gabby; "Hey! What's fizz?? "

Dana; "Oh nothing much, you?"
by onlyinyourdreamslol June 24, 2009
1 9
26 is a slang term for kissing. Origin; You burn 26 calories by kissing
Trent: "Katherine is so hot!!!"

Adam: "26 that up dude!!"
by onlyinyourdreamslol December 22, 2009
23 32
The coolest people ever are born in april. They are the smartest, hottest, funniest people in the whole world.
Dana, Brian, Sally, Connor, and Sara are all April Babies.

I'm an april baby
by onlyinyourdreamslol April 02, 2009
91 119
Has a comfiest lap in the world!
"I just love sitting on kevin"
by onlyinyourdreamslol February 26, 2009
260 396