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Hooking up with someone and having sex all night long.
So where have you been?
I met this guy id seen around before but i didnt think he liked me,but he took me to his place and oh my god did he fuck me! We went all night long!
by Online chatter October 24, 2008
Stage name for an amazing exotic dancer in Toronto in the 1990's. Well known for her awesome bubble butt and still missed today by her numerous fans and regulars.
Even after all these years i still wish Shyloh was around for some dances, she was the best!
by online chatter December 17, 2008
Having sex,sexual intercourse, woman on top
I tried to hookup with Sylvia but she was at this guys place jumping the bone.
by online chatter December 17, 2008
A hot 40ish woman whos a mom or not,very sexy and sexual,dresses in a sexy way
mmm Sylvia is a sexy momma, would love to fuck her!
by online chatter September 01, 2008
to have sexual intercourse, to fuck.
I hooked up with Sylvia and gave her a good boning.
by online chatter December 27, 2008

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