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As overrated as some put it. Some people deem this as the best game ever. Shut up, no it's fucking not. It's OK for a little skirmish or so but that's it, being very good at Halo does not make you hardcore either.
My friend: Zelda and Final Fantasy are shit games. They are soo fucking bad and what do people see in Mario?

Me: Well asshat, what the fuck do you play?

My friend: I play real games like Halo and football games.

Me: ...*stabs him*
by onewhoknows May 05, 2006
I don't get it, they make an overpriced paperweight and now they come with a new paper weight that looks different but costs more. Microsoft's paperweights are too damn pricey. Find a damn brick somewhere and use that to keep your papers from flying away.
A brick doesn't look as fancy or cool but it gets the job done and you can save a ton of money. It's light enough to move out of your stack of papers and heavy enough to keep the paper from flowing away.

Throw away your xbox or xbox 360 and get a brick.
by onewhoknows May 06, 2006

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