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A sloppy drunk girl who will stop at nothing to get in your pants. Usually so drunk that you will not want her in your pants. A Malligator lives on a steady diet of whisky and 99 cent tacos.
Watch out, man. There's a Malligator over in that corner
by onesexysquirrel January 23, 2011
A distinctive characteristic of an individual who has too much to drink. One would have raptor hands when one places their upper arms flat against their sides, only to have their forearms erected at a 90 degree angle, looking much like a raptor. Although scientists have studied raptor hands relentlessly, it is unclear why this pose is a side affect of intoxication.
"As soon as Steven began walking around the party with raptor hands, everyone knew that he had consumed the perfect amount of alcohol."
by onesexysquirrel April 14, 2010
When an individual loses their pants at a party and is forced to wear an upsideown turtleneck as pants. A turtleneck is the only appropriate shirt to be worn as pants as the neck will hide your genitals.
I woke up in his bed and I couldn't find my pants. I had to run 3 blocks to my car while I was turtlepantsing.
by onesexysquirrel January 23, 2011

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