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One who enjoys the fine art of devouring some tasty tuna. Props to the late, great Bill Hicks for this one.
Are you familiar with the video series Clamlappers 1-50?
by onenut March 05, 2003
Some smelly motherfucker who wears the same socks for an entire week!
DUUUUDE! Your fuckin house smells like footfunk!
by onenut March 05, 2003
The hot new 2 for a dollar special at McVomits
Can I take your order please? Yeah..I'll take the Stemwich special. Hold the vein.
by onenut March 02, 2003
Gooey substance that forms around the head of the dick.
Yo momma gots schmugeggie on ho lips.
by onenut March 02, 2003
to sit while picking funk from under your toenails or even in between them (come`s from after a long day on you feet)you produce this SHIT into a ball, Then uou try to fling it like a booger towards someone in the room you are in...... Also see uncle tom
Dude! I scored on them twice last nite!They didnt even know iI was playing TOE JAM FOOTBALL!
by onenut April 29, 2003
Little tiny shit balls that were missed when wiping.
Yo Bitch..clean da bivits out cho teef. Skank ass ho
by onenut March 05, 2003

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