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when a band/singer/rapper changes their music/style in order to sell records.
gwen stefani is a 'sell out'.
someone who wears differnt color clothing(colors of the rainbow). usualy a different color for every piece of clothing. even their hair is different colors; or just one unusual color(blue/green/red/yellow/purple/pink ect.). also, some have piercings/tattoos. can be a style too.
"one time i saw a rainbow goth on american idol."
aka jeff gordon.
jeff gordon's nickname.
"...and jeffy gaywad loses the Daytona 500."
a new genre of music that is a hybrid of country and rap.
see: cowboy troy

cowboy troy performs "hick hop" music.
also known as eminem the feminem. :)

yup. its true.
1.)see: posers

2.)see:teenie boppers
1.) poser:*sings* "don't wanna be an american idiot" "green day iz sooooooo kew"

2.) teeny bopper:*screams* "omg, omg, omg" "liek, omfgz, greenday iz soooooooo liek, hawtt, liek, omgz"

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