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What a lot of white trailer park kids wear.
Guy - I hate black people but I love to act like them. My mom came home from the truckstop with a little extra cash, so she said I could get a Shady Ltd hoody.
by one lucky tounge May 05, 2007
The act of making out with a girl and rubbing your hand around her upper thighs, lower stomach, or areas around her vagina. As you graze across the top of her underwear (if shes wearing any, fucking whore) you suddenly get up, say "GOTCHA!" and you can spit in her face, punch her in the face, or just go to the other room and play Guitar Hero. Rumored to be invented by Mr. Criswell.
*Guy and girl making out, guy stops*

Guy - Gotcha!

Girl - Oh you got me
by one lucky tounge May 05, 2007
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