41 definitions by one eyed milkman

Hickspeak for Dad
I love you Ma, I love you Pa
by One Eyed Milkman May 01, 2004
a saying which means that it is better to deal with problems immediatly rather than later as things will worsen and take longer to amend
Your mother sells whelks in Hull
by One Eyed Milkman June 07, 2004
Descriptive of a woman who is on the rag.
Drat,she's fallen to the communists!
by One Eyed Milkman April 30, 2004
(idiom) Go to sleep
Aa Bb Cc
by One Eyed Milkman May 31, 2004
Sorry, my example was grammatically incorrect. This is how it should have been written:
Gaz just beat Sean like a red haired stepchild
by One Eyed Milkman April 30, 2004
Word used to describe someone or something extremely strict or harsh
Your mom is so hitlerific, it's not as if that pensioner USED his legs that much anyway
by One Eyed Milkman July 10, 2004
Those annoying fucking pop ups that go behind your window all the time
Pop unders sure do suck balls
by One Eyed Milkman May 01, 2004

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