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2 definitions by one Fish, two Fisch

when you are fucking a woman in the woods, you pull out, grab a handful of pine needles, throw them on your dick, shove it back in, and start fucking her again. (Usually done to end a relationship when words arent enough)
Dude, did you really give your girl the Flowering Cactus?

Fuck yeah, I did!

Fuck, didn't that hurt?

Not nearly as much as having to spend another fucking moment with her. What an annoying bitch!
by one Fish, two Fisch November 05, 2010
the area at a strip club where the men sit to watch the dancers perform
Hello Gentlemen, Welcome to the Furry Beaver.

My name is Jezebel, I am your hostess.

I will show you to the boneyard, Angel is about to perform and you don't want to miss her pole tricks.
by One Fish, Two Fisch July 20, 2011