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A girl version of a player. She leads people on sexually but wants nothing more than to hook up. She is easy to do sexual stuff with but does it with everyone. Known for breaking guy's hearts.
Guy 1: I really like Lauren, I hooked up with her last night. I think she's into me so I'll call her later.
Guy 2: No way, I thought Lauren liked me, I hooked up with her a few days ago.
Guy 1: Oh yeah, I forgot Lauren's an easy lover, she leads guys on like that.
by onaebla June 19, 2006
A very upscale department store carrying brands such as True Religion, Citizens of Humanity, and Juicy Couture.
Nordstroms can be found in most malls which have a Guess, Armani Exchange, or Abercrombie.
by onaebla June 26, 2006
You wrap a poo or chewed up chocolate in a doller bill so you can only see the dollar and wait for people to pick it up. When they do, they soon relize there is a poo in the dollar. Some people put the dollar back or throw it away and some take the dollar with them. If the person takes the dollar you yell POO DOLLAR at them.
PERSON 1: Ew there's shit in this dollar but I'll still take it anyway.
by onaebla June 25, 2006
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