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When somethinq is totally fugly.
The licious puts and emphasison just
how fugly it is.
'Uqqs are so totally FUGLICIOUS!'
by omw! December 11, 2008
Used for 'I don't care'.
When people say 'I don't give two cents', or 'I dont give a ___', instead, say 'I don't give a flying cockroach!' or 'I don't give a flying TWO cockroaches!', to make it even more dramatical.
by omw! December 11, 2008
The most fashionable, eccentric female pop
singer since Gwen Stefani. She is the epitome of what the musical industry needs right now!
"Omg! That Lady Gaga song, "Poker Face", is sooo awesome!"
by omw! December 11, 2008

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