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Engaging in sexual acts while asleep. These acts can include masturbation, fondling, sexual intercourse and sexual assault or rape. Banditing can actually be used as a criminal defense in rape cases. Because, you know, those poor rapists, they need to be defended too.
There have also been reports of men injuring themselves while engaging in sadistic sexual acts in their sleep. As in, waking up with their balls missing because their sleeping self mistook the blender for the beaver.
The disorder is not limited to men however. So the next time your other half is groaning & thrusting in her sleep, watch out, because she might just rape you.
Guy No.1: Dude, she was totally banditing lastnight, she fucked me in her sleep!
Guy No.2: Dude... you've been raped...
Guy No.1: ... ... ... dude...
by omigodlucy April 12, 2010

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