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A TV channel that used to be all about music and the arts, and now has degraded to fake game shows such as "Next" and fashion TV shows, which are showing teens how to be preppy. All they show on very rare occasions and during credits are either 90s pop or rap songs. MTV SUCKS!!!
Omfg dude! Its been over a year since I emailed a request to MTV to play "Allentown", and they still haven't played it!
by omgomgomg monkeys November 05, 2006
When an emo person decides to say he's bi or gay just to get attention, and really doesn't mean it. Most teens do this and for some reason, people believe them.
Ugh, why does CJ need so much emoattention?
by omgomgomg monkeys November 15, 2006
One HORRIBLE football team. Their offense is nothing but Clinton Portis, and their defense can't hold anybody. Their fans are in denial all the time, saying (mainly to eagles fans) that "At least WE have won a Super Bowl", but that was over 20 years ago!!! They also claim that they rule when they win, when usually, its on teams that have injured star players!
Woah did you see that washington redskins game? they got blown out 40-0 by the Eagles!
by omgomgomg monkeys October 02, 2006

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