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Concrete proof of the degeneration of the human race's collective intelligence.
If you haven't lost your faith in humanity already, just spend a few minutes browsing Urban Dictionary. This is the next generation? Yup. We're doomed.
by omgnakedpeople June 10, 2007
An insult used by stupid people when they can't think of anything else to say.
Marvin: "Gimme those chips, turd fuck!"
Dwayne: "I'll give you some chips up your ass, butt breath!"
Marvin: "Up yours, butt head!"
Dwayne: "Butt wanker!"
Marvin: "Butt nugget!"
Dwayne: "Butt...um... ass!"
Marvin: "You're a butt ass!"
Dwayne: "No, you are! Butt ass!"
by omgnakedpeople June 06, 2007
Pornography involving the insertion of live wriggling eels into sexual orifices. Primarily enjoyed by perverts, sexual deviants, eelophiles, and aquatic pet store employees.
Hank: "Dude, I was going through some of my dad's videos last night, and I found a bunch of eel porn!"
George: "That's messed up. People who watch eel porn are sick fucks."
Hank: "Why are you squeezing your legs together like that? What's coming out of your shorts? Eew, is that an eel?!"
Hank's dad: "Hi there, Hank! Say, who's your friend? I think I saw him in a video one time!"
by omgnakedpeople June 06, 2007
Visiting a bath and body store just to smell all the products.
"The stuff at that bath shop is so expensive, I just go there for some good nasal masturbation."
by omgnakedpeople February 18, 2008
Similar to "squeezably cute", except rather than inviting a squeeze, the object or person in question prompts an individual to make a "squee!" noise instead.
Jemma: "Lookie here! I drew a little anime bunny!"
Annie: "OMG that is sooo squeeably cute!"
Kate: "Squeeeeeeee!"
by omgnakedpeople October 12, 2007
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