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Jole is the type of girl that has the personality that no one has. She has beauty inside and out. She's one of a kind. She fun sized, well we can just call her short. She's very sweet and nice. Everybody loves to be around her. She's very unique also. She may not be the prettiest girl in the world, but you'll be quite surprised who she goes out with. She has a voice of an angel, well it's raspy and soft. That's cute right there. She's adorable, cute, pretty, beautiful, and gorgeous. She has y ou know those cute dimples. Her personality it to die for, you'll never meet any one like her. She can dance really good, like her body moves to the music. She loves taking pictures and she loves making her friends smile. She loves music and just having fun. She has natural beauty, but doesn't know it. She can look pretty with or without make-up. She's the one the nicest, prettiest, sweetest girls you can ever meet. You just gotta love her.
Jole is such a nice girl.
by omgitsyouandmeforever October 23, 2011

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