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The most Jewish town in the most Jewish county in America. Every other place that claims to be "Jappy" doesn't even approach the level of Jappiness witnessed on the daily in New City, NY. 60% of people are Jewish, 20% are Asian, and the rest are probably either Italian or Irish. Minorities amount to maybe 5% of the population at most. Kids from New City go to two high schools: Clarkstown North, which is 80% Jewish, and Clarkstown South, which is 50% Jewish. Contrary to popular belief, the wealthiest towns in the country are not the most Jewish ones. New City, a relatively wealthy town but no Scarsdale or Beverly Hills, has a significantly greater percentage of Jews than either of those towns.
A Typical Conversation in New City, NY:

-Hey Jillian, wanna go to the mall?

-Maybs Becky but we HAFTA stop at Cheesecake while we're there. K?

-Fineee. Lemme get my Juicy zip-up.
by omgeeeeee March 24, 2011

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