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an animal which can be found in a carnival. it is usually seen following an overweight clown. this animal survives on clown urine (faygo) and bad music (icp, kottonmouth kings, etc.) DO NOT FEED THE JUGGALO
Lulu: Hey! Wtf is that behind that ugly clown?

Hank: Ew! It's a juggalo! Quick! Don't let it smell your better taste in music.

Bubba: mah poppah hunted down sum juggalo fo' mommah and me to feast on. it tasted like garbage.
by omganegro July 10, 2008
a harry potter fan
sal: man, John and Katy were in line for three years waiting for the premiere of the new Harry Potter film.

mary: boy, they are true Wiccans
by omganegro August 10, 2008
a harry potter fan
ben: eric and dora camped outside the movie theater for a year!

amber: wth?! why?

ben: they were waiting for the new harry potter movie

amber: they're such wiccans
by omganegro September 05, 2008
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