6 definitions by omg sheepies

Used predominantly by members and affiliates of the Darkside Soldiers.

1. A sheep
2. Something that is cool, sexy, elite, fun, awesome, etc
1. The farmer has a sheepie
2. Omg that game is teh sheepies~
by omg sheepies March 30, 2004
Sexual term. When a man receives a blowjob, then blows his load in one hand, shits in the other, rubs them together, then slaps his woman in the face.
Last night I gave Jenny a gridiron playfake.
by omg sheepies March 30, 2004
Sexual deviant term. When one ejaculates, shits, and pisses in one's underwear, then runs up behind another person and puts them on his/her head.
Johnny gave Jim an indian headdress.
by omg sheepies March 30, 2004
Guy-code phrase for "Your girlfriend is fucking hot/fine/beautiful. Good job man."
Nice watch.
by omg sheepies March 30, 2004
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