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leet speak word for pizza
sean, after a uber dai of leet cs pwnage lets order some pizz0r
by omg i am wtf uber September 30, 2006
thebombdotcom (L337 speak update of the common phrase the bomb) is used in speech (and text) to articulate a persons feeling of being good at something or in general. It can also be used from an onlookers perspective in both a positive or negative connotation, describing a particular attribute the person portrays, or as a general statement.
>> Sean: "I am thebombdotcom"

>> Sean: "I am thebombdotcom at CS"

>> Trent thinks he is thebombdotcom at fighting, but he got rolled by a small bouncer and he stole his money. Haha what a cake!

>> Mike Tyson is thebombdotcom at boxing.
by omg i am wtf uber November 15, 2006
Eggs sebastian is a sexual manouevre involving two males. The first male puts his testicles between his legs (presenting the eggs) and the second proceedes to both stimulate the erect shaft, finger the anal sphincter and imitate eating the scrotum. The move has featured in a few recent gay porn films, and is very popular between male couples.
Trent proceeded to give an eggs sebastian to his new boyfriend to show him what a dynamo he was in the sack.
by omg i am wtf uber November 02, 2006
in australia, the art of getting crunked involves exactly 6 cones of bud, a 6-pack of beers funneled whilst upside down and one shot of absinth
trent got crunked before heading to town, however was unable to complete his mission, instead spent the nite eating at 7-11
by omg i am wtf uber September 30, 2006
The critics write many names for the hutley. Some may be known by 'hutz', 'jhutz', 'h-rails' or 'h-man', their followers hang off every word and enemies fear their awesome power. To describe the hutley requires more than words. They excrete the scent of man from every pore on their bodies, and have come up with more catch phrases than warnie has taken test wickets.

Catch phrases aside for now, the hutley is a unique being, tempremental at the best of times - they live for the moment and dont regret their actions. Although smaller than average in stature, the hutley makes up for this with their street fighting ability (or lack thereof). Its common knowledge that you cannot tell whether an asian has a hidden bruce lee, and the hutley makes sure his enemies know this.

You know you've got a Hutley when:

you hear any of the following original catch-phrases:

ur either man or ur not
are u a man or a mouse cunt
im a maniac
i do what i want (possibly followed by: when i want, how i want)
u dont decide whether or not to do __________, you decide whether or not you are a man
im 2pac in the making... they call me jpac
is this cunt serious?
does this cunt wanna die?
im in the realm of mad cunt
uve gotta man up sometime in your life
there are no pacts between lions and men
fight now or fight later?
thats a blatant lie
u feel?
im not a mathemagican
im gettin magneto tonight or lets get magneto (getting blind drunk)
u dont pick the roids... the roids pick you
ur like a piece of dirt in a dirt farm - nothing out of the ordinary

The hutley angers easily, and is not uncommon to see them hitting themselves to psyche up. When you mix a hutley with alcohol, you get a lethal combination. It becomes more arrogant, and the catch phrases appear more readily including;

wote wote wote wote WOTE
lets do this
dont fuck around
im the fucken mac
i got the sweet hook-ups
if you ever need anything, im the man to go to
i know people
$100 - thats chump change
e-loose-ive (loose on ecstacy)
i was on struggle street
did i stutter cunt
i got the deals to make u squeals
my dicks a key... a key to heaven
act like a man, get treated like a man
same shit different turban
i dont talk to dead men
a breast reduction - thats like slapping god in the face

When the Hutley is in angry mode its best to stay out of their way. They are unpredictable, and will often try starting fights with passers by. Many such strangers have felt the stiff shoulder of the Hutley, and none to date have decided retaliation was the best option in this situation.

Lastly, due to there invaluable talent to provide classic catch phrases at opportune times and certain physical features, the Hutley can be summised in two words: 'Miniature Buddhas'. Their presence enriches many lives, and their teachings are followed by many who have chanced a meeting with a Hutley in their lifetime.
>>> Davo: "I was on struggle street at the gym today"
Friends: "Looks like we've got a Hutley"

>>> Jim: "insert original catch phrase at perfect time here"
Friends: "Looks like we've got a Hutley"

>>> The Hutley: "insert original catch phrase at perfect time here"
Friends: "Fuck... that was an awesome call"
The Hutley: "are you cunts serious? Im a maniac... of course it was awesome"
Friends: remember call, and use it as much as possible
by omg i am wtf uber March 15, 2008
Being loose whilst on ecstacy.

Original meaning "elusive" means - tending to evade grasp.

Thusly, e-loose-ive is to evade one's grasp of either reality, common sense, conscience or a mixture of these three.
jhutz: "fuck man, i was so loose last night aye... guess you could say I was e-loose-ive :)"
by omg i am wtf uber December 04, 2007
To be in a state of uber or uberness. The word uber is commonly used to describe one particular action or event, whereas uberem is a sequence of uber events one after the other.
>>> Surfing Context: "fuck, you were in a state of uberem on that wave man... I thought u were done for after the cutback, but you managed to get slotted, exit the barrel and air off the back. hectic shit"

>>> CS Context: "yeah not only did I get a head-shot through double doors, I ran through long, wasted 6 cunts with my deagle then planted at A... I was in uberem"
by omg i am wtf uber September 15, 2007

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