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11 definitions by omegastrike

A MMO ( Massive multiplayer online ) gamer who levels his character at the slowest possible pace, therefore always being worlds behind his friends and needs carried through his levels by his higher-leveled and often overpowered friends.
WTF! This dude is such a Trailron, he is level 20 and has 2 level 80 buddies killing his quest mobs for him. I bet he bums all their gold to cause he is too lazy to grind his own. I should go one shot him before his buddies see me lawl!
by Omegastrike August 11, 2010
A MMO ( Massive Multiplayer Online) gamer term used against another player who totally raped them in pvp. It is basically used to accuse the better player of cheating as an explaination of why you got pawned so hard.
Ipawnzall says " Wtf ! That dude 3 shotted me , he must be a speedhacker, im reporting him "

Trailron replies "stfu with the speedhacking shit , you just got your ass pawned nub lawl"
by Omegastrike August 14, 2010
A guy who becomes obssessed with body building as a way of distracting himself from his lack there of below the belt.
My buddy Jason is a Peen builder, he goes to the gym like every day. I think he has confidence issues with his manhood.
by Omegastrike September 14, 2010
A person who is unemployed and lazy. They survive by keeping track of friends and relatives paydays, in hopes to mooch some cash from them for cigarettes, beer and painpills ( you know, their basic necessities).
I hate payday anymore, there is always atleast one payday mooch trying to hit me up for some quick cash. They always say they will pay me back but "I keep giving and I just ain't been getting ".
by Omegastrike September 14, 2010
Currency used in the MMORPG Aion.
Leeroy says, "Nice man that stigma you just looted sells for 100,000 Kinah on the broker."

Trailron says "Screw that im not selling this, imma keep it for my alt!"

Leeroy , " pshh, lootwhore...
by Omegastrike August 23, 2010
best friends for life and beyond. Similar to bff , except this is beyond what we can possibly imagine as forever.
Ive never had a real bfflab, people tend to piss me off eventually and i take them off my bfflab list.
by omegastrike October 18, 2010
When someone gets a tattoo, piercing, crazy haircut, or any other fashion addition as a lame attempt to fit in socially.
Ex 1 : Jason got his social branding when he got his penis pierced so he would fit in with his buddies down at the Blue Oyster bar.

Ex 2 : When Chuck started hanging out with the biker crowd he gave himself a social branding by having Harley tattoos plastered to his arms.
by Omegastrike September 14, 2010